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Arbor for Students

When you log in, the first page you'll see is your Arbor Dashboard, from which you can access all of the areas of the Student Portal. 

Using the menu at the top you can access your items to access your calendar or your account. You can also sign out.



On the dashboard, you can see your attendance, and how many behaviour points you've been awarded. You can also see your assignments.


In the Calendar section, your last and next lessons are shown. You can also see all the lessons you've got coming up for today, as well as what room it will take place in.

My Courses

In the My Courses section, you can see all the classes you've been enrolled into. You can click the course to see more information, including when the last lesson is scheduled for.


If you've got any homework (known as Assignments in Arbor), you'll see this on your Arbor Dashboard. Click the assignment to view more details.

All submission statuses will say 'Waiting for the student to submit' (whether you can submit through the Student Portal or only in person) until it is marked by your teacher.

You'll be able to see what class the assignment is for, as well as the due date and the task required. If the teacher has sent over any resources for you to use they will also show here for you to download.


Login To Arbor Student Portal


Technical Problems?

If you are experiencing Technical problems. Email logon.support@colchesteracademy.org.uk