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At Colchester Academy we always strive to ensure that parents and carers are fully engaged in their child’s learning. ‘Class charts’ allows students and their parents to see what homework has been set and when it is due to be handed in, either online or through mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphones.

Each half term all students will be issued with a Knowledge Organiser that contains all of the key learning for the subjects. Knowledge organisers are available through the Academy website.  Homework will be set by teachers directly from this at KS3 and will focus on the learning and retrieval of key facts and vocabulary.  At KS4, homework will be a combination of the learning and retrieval of key facts and vocabulary and exam practice.

Teachers will set homework on class charts and students will be encouraged to record this in their homework diaries.

All parents and students should have received a unique Username and Password to allow them to access the system, if this is not the case then please email us at or call the Academy.

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 Knowledge Organiser

Year 9 Knowledge Organiser

Year 10 Knowledge Organiser