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Severe Weather

Closure Arrangements

How we communicate an advance closure

In the event of severe weather, it may be necessary to close the Academy if we are unable to operate safely. This means being unable to provide a safe school site and working environment for both staff and students, or if the journey to and from school could potentially be dangerous or perilous.

We would always try, where possible, to make the decision to close the Academy the evening before. However, this is not always possible, and in such cases, a decision would be made in the morning by 7am.

In the event of a forced closure, we will send a text message to all parents or carers for whom we have an up-to-date mobile number. Our website will also be updated with the closure information and updated throughout the day, if possible.


If we have to close during the Academy day

In the event of having to close the Academy during the school day, i.e. before the normal finish time, we will endeavour to try to ensure that all students can get home safely. Please be aware that should the closure be due to severe weather and your child has to use transport such as the bus, this is a public service, therefore, the frequency of the service is not determined by the Academy.

If the forecast for severe weather is very likely and there is the possibility that the Academy may have to close early, parents or carers who are unlikely to be at home throughout the school day should ensure that alternative arrangements for the supervision of their child are made beforehand.


Additional information

It should always be presumed that the Academy will be open, unless we communicate to you by any of the above methods.

There may be occasions when the severe weather does not affect the local area, however, staff who live further afield may not be able to attend. In some circumstances, therefore, we may undertake a partial closure if we do not have sufficient staff to safely supervise students. This would, again, be communicated to parents and carers by the methods detailed above.

We would like to remind parents and carers that should the Academy remain open, you have a duty to ensure that their child attends if it is safe for them to do so.