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Art and Design

Art lessons are all about creativity and helping students improve their technical skills and knowledge, balanced with gaining an understanding of Art as a visual language. Students will also develop an appreciation of famous artists' work and all of these elements will help support them build their cultural capital.

Art offers a unique form of learning, students are presented with artistic ideas, shown how to use a wide range of materials in traditional and inventive ways and are then encouraged to use the knowledge gained to develop their own personal responses.  The main focus of every lesson is creativity, as this is vital to future successes in all aspects of their lives. We live in a fast-changing world and creativity is the most important skill to have in order to adapt and progress as new jobs emerge. Every successful person, from a scientist to a business executive, thinks creatively. We help our students develop this skill which is invaluable in the modern world.


Key Stage 3

The aim of Art in Key Stage 3 is to offer students the opportunity to develop their personal ideas to a given theme. Students are encouraged to improve their skills in using a wide range of materials and they are encouraged to view Art as a way to express themselves and how they see the world around them. Creative thinking is a key element to their learning, as is observation and personal enquiry.

Curriculum Outline

Year 7 Topics Covered:  
  • The Language of Art
  • Mark making and ways of recording using drawing.
  • Everyday life and colour theory
  • City collage
  • Positive messages
  • Portraits
  • Bug design
Year 8 Topics Covered:  
  • An ideal home
  • Abstract Art & Synaesthesia
  • Human v Nature eco project
  • Book illustration
  • Family Totem Pole using relief techniques
  • Illusions in Art
Year 9 Topics Covered:  
  • Day of the Dead Famous Portraits
  • Surreal objects
  • 3D gargoyles and funny faces
  • Identity
  • Storytelling

Key Stage 4

Art at GCE level offers students increasingly more freedom and control over their learning. Students are required to complete an extended project that takes 45 hours and covers all of the 4 assessment objectives. They will research, develop, refine and produce final outcomes for a themed project they select from those given to them.

Curriculum Outline

Year 10 Topics Covered:  
  • Exploring materials and techniques
  • Printmaking
  • Layers
  • Cubism
  • Main Coursework project, choice of themes - example: Messages, Words, Up Close
Year 11 Topics Covered:  
  • The Main Coursework project continues
  • Externally set exam project by AQA
  • Final practical Exam approx. first week in April
  • Completion of course work.
  • Final assessment approx. the beginning of May

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