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Art and Design


Art lessons are all about learning knowledge of and using the Language of Art and Design to express the students’ own ideas based on a given theme or reference. Students are helped to improve their technical skills with a range of materials and styles of artistic expression. Students will also develop an appreciation of others’ work and all of these elements will help support them build their cultural capital, in particular, problem solving and independent working.
Art, Craft, Design and Graphics offer a unique form of learning; students are presented with creative ideas, shown how to use a range of materials in traditional and inventive ways and are then encouraged to use the knowledge gained to develop their own personal responses.


Key Stage 3

The aim of Art & Design/ Graphics & Ceramics in Key Stage 3 is to teach the skills needed to develop their own personal ideas within a given theme. Students are encouraged to improve their skills in using a range of materials and they are encouraged to view Art as a way to express themselves and how they see the world around them. Creative thinking is a key element to their learning, as is observation and personal enquiry.

art curriculum map final 2023 24 ks3.pdf


Key Stage 4

GCSE Art, Craft and Design is taught over 2 years 60% coursework and 40% NEA which is released in January of year 11.. Students discover inspiration from sources and embark upon creative journeys, developing their own ideas into personal responses, after experimenting with and refining a range of creative techniques.

art curriculum map final 2023 24 ks4.pdf


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