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Design and Technology

Design and Technology (DT) lessons are all about exploring and investigating the processes that relate to an engineer of today. Students acquire knowledge of a range of drawing methods to present and develop designs. Students explore materials, whilst learning about and experiencing their working properties through a range of mini-projects, to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the skills an engineer or designer needs.

Environmental concerns are addressed which highlight the role of an engineer in developing new processes and the use of new and existing materials, to better serve the world around us. The skills encouraged and developed are aimed at solving problems creatively, whilst taking into consideration the impact arising from choices made. These skills are highly appreciated in the modern work environment and can be built on as the engineering world develops.


Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 we introduce students to materials and tools but also provide them with an awareness of the impact they have on the environment. A range of products are produced that provide an opportunity to experience a range of machines and production techniques, whilst making products through a series of engaging activities.

Curriculum Outline

Year 7 Topics Covered:  

Decoupage Box

  • Introduction to materials and simple construction using basic joints
  • Learning 3D drawing techniques and producing clear making instructions

Tealight Lanterns

  • Getting to use tools and mark out accurately
  • Product assembly and finishing techniques (sanding, priming and painting)

Planter (Environmental) project

  • Producing a planter using recycled materials
  • Learning about plastics and their manufacture/uses. Cutting, finishing and painting plastics and investigating the 6R’s
Year 8 Topics Covered:  

Gumball Machines

  • Mechanisms and forces, coupled with accurate marking and cutting using a range of materials

Veneer box

  • Marking and cutting wood joints and applying veneer using Marketry
  • Projects repeat at mid-year change-over (Spring half term)
Year 9 Topics Covered:  
  • Constructing a mechanical device which uses a range of mechanisms
  • Use of wood joints, cogs, gears, rods and pivots

Chocolate bar project

  • Vacuum form mould production
  • Wrapper research and design
  • Construction, isometric and orthographic drawings

Clock manufacture

  • Design Movement research
  • Laser cutting exercise
  • Design of  prototypes


ks3 design and technology curriculum map overview final 2023 24.pdf


year 7 design and technology curriculum map final 2023 24.pdf


year 8 design and technology curriculum map final 2023 24.pdf


year 9 design and technology curriculum map final 2023 24.pdf


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