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Preparing for success at GCSE

GCSE Revision Tips

1.    Set up a revision area in your home.
2.    Create a revision timetable.
3.    Know your important dates.
4.    Utilise your Period 6 Sessions.
5.    Take regular study breaks and do something else.
6.    Revise in small chunks.
7.    Drink lots of water.
8.    Get lots of sleep.
9.    Eat healthily.
10.  Explore what Apps and websites are available to help you revise.
11.  Use class feedback to know where your areas for development are.
12.  Practice, Practice, Practice! 

Revision Website

The following link will take you to the revision site for Colchester Academy. You will find information on revision and examinations for each subject, as well as hints and tips for successful study.

Parental Support

Parental support is so important to help your child succeed.  The following strategies are examples of the ways that you can help your child succeed in their GCSE examinations:
• Ensure your child attends school regularly and on time
• Talk to your child about what they are learning, and any homework or coursework they have to do
• Understand that all students fall behind, feel demotivated or overwhelmed and struggle with a work/life balance. When they do feel like this, talk to them, acknowledge their feelings and help to find a solution.
Practical support you can offer:
• Help them plan their revision and meet deadlines.  The use of a revision timetable will be useful
• Encourage your child to have a clear goal by the end of their revision period – e.g. ‘At the end of this hour I will be able to…’
• Provide your child with a quiet place to study – preferably a place with a table and chair, where they will not be disturbed
• Make sure they take regular breaks – for every twenty to forty minutes of revision students should have a ten-minute break to reset
• Test your child on the work they have been revising.  This will help them understand what they know and where they need to focus more attention
• Ensure that they eat healthy food and drink plenty of water – a balanced diet is just as important now as ever
• Ensure your child gets enough sleep.


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