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Colchester Academy

Write Club is back!

We started the half term with a huge success- we have 3 of our current students and 2 students (who sadly are no longer on-roll) who have been selected to be published in the Young Writers poetry competition ‘Breaking Free.’ The students, or should I say writers, from years 8 and 9, all wrote very personal poems about topics they felt strongly about and they wanted to ‘break free’ from- either literally, metaphorically or from the stigma surrounding them. Jake wrote a heartfelt poem entitled ‘Bullying’ whilst Layla wrote an enigmatically titled poem ‘Tick Tock.’ Hannah opened up our eyes to ‘Adhd.’ We wish them all the very best of luck in that competition!

We continue this half term in writing ‘Through their eyes’- we are considering the perspectives of other people, celebrities, inanimate objects and giving voice to those of the oppressed. This has been an extraordinary competition to be involved in, as even I have been inspired by stories of Eartha Kitt- a woman who I had never even heard of before- and Greta Thunberg. Our students are learning that they have a voice too and that they need to be heard. 

‘Write Club’ is open to ALL students (Years 7-11) Tuesday Lunchtimes!

Mrs Lock.