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PiXL Apps

Who are PiXL?
PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a partnership of over 1,600 secondary schools, 500 sixth forms, 600 primary schools and 75 providers of alternative education. Each of PiXLs tailored programmes provides a wealth of classroom strategies and resources and brings school leaders and specialists together at regular conferences to share ideas and support.

What are the PiXL apps?
PiXL is a fantastic tool which Colchester Academy has invested in to help our learners be more successful in their revision. The apps have been developed to act as a new revision tool for students learning outside the classroom.

What subjects can the PiXL apps be used in?
At present, there are PiXL apps in the following subjects: Maths, English, Geography, History and a Maths times table app.

How will the PiXL apps help me?
The apps are an additional free revision tool for students to revise these subjects on their digital device. For example, the Maths app is a skills-based assessment program. The app successfully highlights your strengths and your areas to develop. This is a very useful tool to help rank which revision topics are of most importance.

How can I get the PiXL apps?
The apps are available for free from either the Apple App or Google Play store.

How do I log on to the apps?
Each of the apps require log in details which have been created for you and your teacher will also be provided for you:

  • School ID: CL2526
  • UserID: your teacher has created this for you
  • Password: your teacher has created this for you