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Colchester Academy

Homework Club

Dear Parents/Carers,

Is your child struggling with homework? 

Are they getting anxious because they are falling behind?

Are you having a battle to get them to do their homework once they are home from school?

As a parent I have been there and completely understand the stress of trying to get your child to do their homework when all they want to do after school is go out with friends or on the X-Box. When they ask for help and you are trying to get ready to go out to work or cook the dinner for a hungry family. When you don’t understand the homework as it has changed so much since you were at school.

Here’s the answer.

Why not encourage your child to attend Colchester Academies Homework Club.

It runs from 3pm-4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 3pm-4pm Friday in the school library.

It is run by a member of staff who is on hand to support and help students with organising their homework, explaining homework set, liaising with teachers should they find anything difficult and they will have access to a computer and printer.

They do not have to stay the whole session and can leave once their homework is completed. It will put an end to the stress, worries and battles you may be experiencing and they will gain Class Charts points for attending to do their homework.

We look forward to seeing your Son /Daughter,


Kind Regards

Miss Taylor (Homework Club Co-Ordinator)



(Please be aware that if Homework Club needs to be cancelled  we aim to give adequate notice and if at short notice parents will be advised via a text from school)