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Colchester Academy

Food Technology

Year 7

Students acquire baseline knowledge of healthy eating guidelines. Practical tasks are planned to equip students with basic skills and cooking methods whilst developing an understanding of hygiene and safety.

Year 8

Students make a range of culturally based food products. The emphasis is on developing a knowledge base and understanding of nutrition, meal planning and adopting recipes to meet the needs of different client groups.

Year 9

As an introduction to the Food Technology specification, students develop essential skills to enable them to demonstrate their creativity when making food products. Students complete projects in three key areas; cake making, pastry and pasta. Students design and make a range of dishes that show safe and correct use of a range of equipment and processes, while developing products to meet a variety of consumer needs. These skills are required throughout the course.

Year 10

Students select a single design and make activity from a choice of set tasks, consisting of the development of a made outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence.  These tasks are reviewed every two years. It is expected that students should spend approximately 45 hours on this activity as it is 60% of their final GCSE grade. As part of the evidence submitted, students should include photographs of various stages of the project and of the finished products.

Year 11

Students have been working on their coursework project in Year 10. Once this is completed the focus turns to the theory element of the course in preparation for the two hour written paper which covers nutrition, industrial processes and practices and product analysis.