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Colchester Academy

Art & Design

Year 7

Students study drawing skills, line and tone, observational drawing and proportion, painting skills (Keith Haring), collage skills (James Rizzi), and African shield designs to understand different cultures, customs and ideas – creating an imaginative response.

Year 8

Students study observational drawing, Arcimboldo, the study of surrealist and fantasy artists leading to the students own interpretation of a fantasy world or surreal style image.

Year 9

Students study the following:

  • The Mexican Day of the Dead – understanding other cultures, beliefs and customs
  • Timeline of Art – looks at various art forms from cave art to modern art and beyond
  • Tokidoki – participating in a project-based design
  • Artistic Visions – critical studies of other artists
  • Elements of Art – understanding of and creative use of time, tone, colour, pattern and form
  • Natural World or Manufactured World – development of personal and meaningful ideas based on the students’ own starting point

Year 10

Students complete an observational drawing using a range of stimuli, materials and approaches. Students then begin a creative project on food and drink and develop their own interpretation. The main coursework project is on Fragments where students develop their own interpretation of fragments as a theme – this project is 60% of the final GCSE grade.

Year 11

Students complete the Fragments project started in Year 10 and their portfolio of coursework.  Students are given an AQA exam paper at the beginning of the spring term and they develop their own personal responses to their chosen exam question. This counts as 40% towards the final GCSE grade.