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Colchester Academy

Business Studies

Year 9

During the autumn term students learn how to identify business opportunities and generate new business ideas.  

In the spring term students learn how to set up a business by putting business ideas into practice. Following this, students identify and analyse methods they can use to market the new business.

The summer term sees students develop their understanding about the impact on the changes in economic conditions such as demand and supply, interest rate changes etc. Students also prepare for their mock exams.

Year 10

During the autumn term, students complete a practice controlled assessment task where they gain knowledge and understanding of the exam board requirements. Spring term focuses on marketing strategies, meeting customer needs and effective financial management. Finally during the summer term, students prepare for and take their mock exams and prepare for their controlled assessment.

Year 11

Students complete a controlled assessment task on ‘Investigating a Small Business’ which counts as 25% towards their final GCSE grade. They learn how people can be managed effectively and the economic issues affecting international trade. During the summer term students are fully focused on revising and preparing for exams.